There are many club Constitutions and Codes of Ethics that have become far too political. While there is a need for structure or certain guidelines and rules - the Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America will not be one of these clubs to implement such a system of dictatorship. However, we as members are here to represent our breed with its betterment and its integrity in sight and we are willing to work with all owners and members with the same interests in mind. So the most we can ask is to please uphold the values of your breed.



The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America (PMCA) ­ established in 1996 - is the first organization in the United States of America to dedicate themselves to participate in the preservation of our great molosser breed. The PMCA has been fortunate to have the support of noted Spanish breeders who have been working for the past 25 years to keep their beloved breed strong. The PMCA is the pioneer club and official registry representing our great Spanish breed in the U.S.A.



The current (FCI) standard that exists for the breed is supported by the PMCA.

Club Goals:

  1. To preserve and encourage the ethical breeding of the Pyrenean Mastiff in accordance with the current F.C.I. Standard.
  2. To insure that in the effort for the continued support of our breed, that members and breeders will abide by the Standard as adopted by the PMCA and constitution and bylaws as set forth by the PMCA.
  3. To encourage and assist in the organization of specialties and shows in representation of our breed in accordance with the rules as established by the PMCA and in adherence to the FCI Standard for our breed.
  4. To maintain studbook records, issue official pedigrees and registration, record DNA and provide assistance and support with information and documentation regarding the Pyrenean Mastiff.
  5. To maintain a breeding regulations program to ensure the protection and longevity of our breed.
  6. To endorse and uphold the Code of Ethics as set forth by the PMCA.
  7. To encourage sportsmanlike competition at all dog shows.



The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America, in keeping with its aims of encouraging the development of high quality Pyrenean Mastiffs, has adopted the following Code of Ethics to promote and foster the highest standards among breeders and owners; and to encourage cooperation in the improvement, advancement and protection of our breed. All members in good standing of the Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America subscribe to and uphold this Code of Ethics. Members shall bear in mind that a Code of Ethics is more than a set of rules; it is a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning and breeding. Adherence to the spirit of such a Code is as important as adherence to its law.



1.1. Members shall be aware at all times that the Club exists to protect the breed and that these aims are to be uppermost in the minds of members in all their activities in the breed.

1.2. Members will at all times display good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit upon the Club and the breed.

1.3. Members shall refrain from unnecessary and un-constructive criticism of another person's dog and from personal attacks upon fellow members.

1.4. Novices are encouraged to seek the advice and assistance of more experienced owners and breeders and the more experienced shall assist the novice in solving problems and share, for the good of the breed, the benefits of his or her knowledge.

1.5. In all questions of ethics, covered or not covered by the Code, the individual member shall act solely in the best interests of the breed, and the membership, as a whole shall aid any fellow member in upholding these interests.

1.6. Members agree to educate the public and represent the breed favorably at all times.


2.1. All Pyrenean Mastiffs owned by, or in the care of, members shall be given a proper, healthy environment, nutrition and care at all times. No member's dog may be treated in an inhumane manner, subjected to cruel or unusual punishment, and/or mentally or physically abused or neglected. Nor may they be subjected to any conditions likely to eventuate in unnecessary danger to the animal's health. No member shall have more dogs than he or she has facilities to adequately keep. Breeders shall protect their Pyrenean Mastiffs against breedings, which are not carefully planned. By failing to meet these obligations, membership in the P.M.C.A. shall be revoked. By being a member of the PMCA, you acknowledge this code and bylaw.

2.2. Members shall be diligent in the handling of their dogs in public places and shall do so in a manner as to minimize the risk of trauma or danger to the animal itself, any human being or other animal.

2.3. Members recognize their responsibility to protect the name and reputation of the breed and shall not allow their dogs to roam at large, unsupervised, nor to become a public nuisance nor to become a public trust.

2.4. Members agree to train their dogs in basic obedience.

2.5. No Pyrenean Mastiff shall be euthanized unless it is for a compelling reason and in the best interest of the dog. Owner convenience shall not be considered a compelling reason.


3.1. A breeder shall be discriminating in the sale of his or her pups and in the type of home in which they are placed. No member shall engage in wholesaling litters, or in individual sales or consignments of pups or adults to pet shops, dealers, catalog houses or fundraising events, no matter how charitable.

3.2. A breeder shall accept responsibility for the welfare of the pups produced by him or her for the life of those dogs, and shall be available to his or her buyers for whatever reasonable aid and assistance they may need. PMCA members shall help and support their fellow members in fulfilling this obligation.

3.3. A breeder should provide, and buyers should ask for, adequate written contractual proof of sales and guarantees. No promise should be made orally which is not later put into writing. (At a minimum, such a contract should provide for terms of refund or replacement, between seller and buyer, due to severe genetic health problems such as hip dysplasia).

3.4. Breeders shall ensure that each puppy buyer becomes a PMCA member by charging them the proper fee for the membership when selling them a pup. You will then give the buyer the appropriate membership application. Until the buyer sends in their application and is a registered member, their pup will not be registered; therefore their pup will not be able to breed in the future. You shall also encourage the new buyer's participation in the Club.

3.5. It is the ethical obligation of member-breeders to guarantee pups produced and sold by them to be as represented.

3.6. All pups leaving the breeder shall be at least nine (9) weeks old. Those to be shipped shall be ten (10) weeks old.


4.1. All advertisement of puppies and adult dogs, written or oral, shall be factual and as forthrightly honest as possible in both substance and implication.

4.2. Advertising and promotion, written or oral, shall be confined to the aspects of the breeders stock and shall not degrade the stock of others.

4.3. The breeder shall be cautious in discussing the show and/or breeding prospects of any puppy for sale, lest he/she imply a guarantee of success, which cannot be assured.

4.4. All PMCA kennels shall include in each advertisement the statement: "PMCA member kennel." This includes all websites as well.

4.5. All P.M.C.A. registered dogs shall be identified by a microchip implant.

5.5. The breeder will sell all P.M.C.A. registered litters under contract.


Complaints about members, club policy, specialties and all other issues that require a vote, shall be submitted in writing to the president with a $20.00 non-refundable donation. The complaint will be published in the following edition of the newsletter. In disputes between members ­ concerning expulsion ­ both sides will have the right to heave their side published using no more than 500 words or less (excluding derogatory remarks). Plebiscite vote will be the deciding factor for any and all club issues.


Anyone breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs bears a great responsibility to the future of the breed. Persons breeding their Pyrenean Mastiffs should match stud and bitch based upon: temperament, conformation, the individuals and their bloodlines, and basic accepted principles of health and genetics. To this end, the PMCA has established Breeding Guidelines, which are incorporated in this Code by this reference. It is the responsibility of all persons involved in the breeding of Pyrenean Mastiffs to know and adhere to the provisions of the Breeding Guidelines.