Here in the U.S.A. it has been the practice over the years for a breeder to have their dogs hips x - rayed and evaluated before breeding in order to try to rule out genetically transmitted dysplasia. The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America (P.M.C.A.) adheres to the current F.C.I. Standard for our breed. In addition the representation of the European Radiographic Association (E.R.A.) is important to the breed.

It is important that the Pyrenean Mastiff should be certified by the experts in its own country of origin since they are the most familiar with our breed. Until there are sufficient numbers of Pyrenean Mastiffs here in the U.S.A. the breed will be evaluated by other evaluation facilities by comparing them to a like breed. This could be devastating for the mastiffs which are a very healthy breed today. This is not an accurate system since all breeds differ from one another as do their human counterparts. There are many breed clubs who have adopted the same philosophy in order to protect their breed.

Rafael Escar Tabuena D.V. M. is the authorized official radiographic evaluator for the breed and will certify the Pyrenean Mastiff and many other breeds in the U.S.A. X - rays and completed E.R.A. form should be sent to Spain for evaluation. The x - rays will receive certification accordingly and a copy is sent to the owner and also to the breed club.

To obtain an ERA hip certification application please send request to:


4083 W. AVE. L #107,



Ph: 661-724-0268

Fax: 815-301-2908