About the PMCA


The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America (PMCA) was founded on July, 25 1996 by Karin S. Graefe The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America (PMCA) is currently the only known organization in the United States of America to dedicate themselves to participate in the preservation of this great molosser breed, the Pyrenean Mastiff.

The goal of the club is to offer support to future owners of this majestic dog and also valuable breed information. It is hoped that with combined efforts the Pyrenean Mastiff will become a strong breed in this country and in turn help to promote longevity for the breed in general. This magnificent giant should not be changed but valued for what it once was and still is. The P.M.C.A. is very fortunate to have the support of knowledgeable Spanish breeders who have been dedicated to the preservation of their beloved breed for the past 25 years. Working together we look toward building a promising future for the Pyrenean Mastiff in the U.S.


Click the image to see a movie of a PM barking.