Breeding Standards



The Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America, in keeping with its goal of encouraging the development of high quality Pyrenean Mastiff, has adopted these Breeding Regulations as part of its Code of Ethics to promote and foster the highest standards among breeders and owners, and to encourage cooperation in the improvement, advancement and protection of our breed. To achieve this goal, the membership of the Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America has agreed to be bound by these regulations. Under these regulations, only Pyrenean Mastiff's conforming to rigid breed standards is allowed to reproduce. In addition to following these regulations, all breeders are encouraged to educate themselves in health, genetics, and the breed standard before engaging in a breeding program. It is recognized that responsibility for the future of the Pyrenean Mastiff breed depends solely upon the educated choices and sound judgment exercised by breeders. To this end, the PMCA stands ready to assist. Anyone having questions about educational resources, breeding, or these regulations is encouraged to contact the Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America (PMCA).



A. P.M.C.A. registration of the dog.

B. A three (3) generation pedigree indicating country of origin and that dog is eligible to be bred.

C. Passing hip and/or elbow x-ray rating by E.R.A. after the dog has reached twenty four months.

PRIOR TO BREEDING: Before any proposed breeding occurs, Pyrenean Mastiff owners should:

A. Be thoroughly familiar with the Standard for Pyrenean Mastiff Dogs.

B. Heavy inbreeding is known to promote a deterioration in the genepool and inferior stock. Therefore ­ breedings between brother to sister, father to daughter and mother to son or any direct incestuous breedings will not be registered by the P.M.C.A.

REQUIREMENTS FOR BREEDERS: Breeders must have an PMCA registered kennel. This requires:

A. Membership in good standing in the PMCA;

B. Appropriate facilities for the clean and safe operation of a kennel according to the Code of Ethics, these regulations, and applicable local law;

C. Completion of a Kennel Application/Letter of Agreement Form, which shall include a proposed kennel name which must be unique and bearing no similarity to kennels previously registered, and submission of the completed form with a check for the appropriate kennel registration fee to the PMCA , after which a notice of approval and a kennel number will be assigned.


A. Within three one (1) month of the birth of each litter, the breeder shall inform the P.M.C.A. of the names of the parents and the number of puppies born. (For purposes of registering the litter, a litter is defined as one (1) puppy. The date of birth of a litter is defined as the date the first puppy of the litter is born.)

B. The breeder will then be issued an official Litter Registration form, which includes the assigned registration number, along with an invoice for the appropriate fees, if everything is in order.

C. Upon receipt of the Litter Registration form and invoice, the breeder shall complete and return the form with payment for all invoiced fees. The individual Puppy Registration forms with assigned registration numbers for the puppies will then be prepared, which will be mailed to the breeder within one month, if everything is in order.

D. Beginning in 2002 - In naming the pups for registration (as in the system used in Europe), begin the individual names with the letter code of the litter (the first litter of a kennel being the "A" litter). These names are for registration and pedigree purposes and do not necessarily reflect the eventual call name of the Pyrenean Mastiff.

E. Upon receipt of the pedigree(s), the breeder shall sign and distribute the pedigree(s) to the appropriate puppy owner(s). At the breeder's option, and under appropriate circumstances, the breeder may mark a pedigree "Pet Quality," to designate that a particular Pyrenean Mastiff is not to be bred.

The following are also requirements: A. A bitch must be allowed a ten (10) month rest period between a mating that produced a litter and the next mating. No Pyrenean Mastiff bitch may be bred beyond age ninety-six (96) months [96 mo. = 8 years].