PMCA Litter Registration Form
All litters must be registered by six (6) months from the date of birth. Litter registration applications not received within this time will be required to include an additional $60.00 penalty fee along with a letter of explanation and necessary records. Registrations received after twelve (12) months
will be required to include $100.00 in fees and a letter of explanation. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Before any Pyrenean Mastiff can be sold or bred it must receive a micro-chip implant and the number must be registered with the PMCA.
FEE: $35.00 Per Puppy
Only $15.00 per puppy if you provide your own chips.
Your puppies will be registered with the 'Pyrenean Mastiff Club Of America', the official registry for the breed in the U.S.A.
FREE micro-chipping kit for all puppies born from PMCA registered parents. Your micro-chipping kit will arrive within 2 weeks from the time you send in this application. The chip must be implanted in your dog within one week from receiving your kit. If you have never 'chipped' a dog before your vet can perform the task.
Example Photo: The photo must show the dog on an angle showing its left face profile with the left foot at the leading edge of the photo. The dog must fill at least 50% of the photo with at least a 1/4" margin all around the dog. (The photo to the right is perfect)
Sires name_______________________________________________________________________________
PMCA Registration #_________________________Country of birth_________________________________
Tatoo # or other ID__________________________________Date of birth_____________________________
Dams name_______________________________________________________________________________
PMCA Registration #_________________________Country of birth__________________________________
Tatoo # or other ID__________________________________Date of birth______________________________

Date litter whelped






Place of birth:






I witnessed the mating- YES NO




Breeders name and address____________________________________________________________________
Signature_________________________ Phone number____________________________________________
Fax number_______________________Email address______________________________________________
Co-breeders, Lessees name and address (if any)_____________________________________________________
Signature_________________________ Phone number_____________________________________________
Fax number_______________________Email address______________________________________________
Send to:
Pyrenean Mastiff Club Of America (PMCA)
Ph. 661-582-9882
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